Sade Mare’s interview – part 2

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-What is your favorite place on Earth?

-One where there’s a view of the sea.

-How about the ocean?

-And the ocean too 🙂

-So, you mean any beach?


-How about a favorite country or island?

-I don’t really have one. What’s important is that there’s water nearby.

-Do you like to bathe?

-Yes, I do. I like to bathe, sunbathe and relax on the hot sand.

-What country to you dream to visit?

-I want to travel around the world. But I understand that it’s difficult to just pick everything up and circle the globe. I need to build a plan. There will be the countries I want to visit first, and then I need to think how I will be able to reach those unexplored corners of the Earth, where some of the most beautiful places can be found.

-What countries do you want to visit in the near future?

-I want to travel around Europe and visit some islands.

-And what country in Europe do you like the most?

-In what sense? Mindset or nature?

-Everything together.

-Well, if it’s ‘all inclusive’, I adore Switzerland.

I love the mindset of Italians, they are aristocrats, if that makes sense. The northern Italians are different from southern people. And that is obvious in their attitude towards people. I love the Italians from the part of the country that’s closer to Milan. And those crazy southern Italians, who are hot and bright – they are great for partying with, but I wouldn’t be able to live there.

-Which clothes are the most comfortable for you?

-I love sports style, but at the same time I like to look like a lady. However, it depends on the case. Almost always I try to choose clothes that will be comfortable and make me look great.

-And what is more comfortable for you: dressed or undressed?

-Well, if it concerns to photo shoots, I always wait impatiently for when I get to take off my clothes, because my movements won’t be constrained by tight fabric. There are moments when you’re dressed that you can’t turn around without tension, or pose without issue. Some clothes can ride up, or fall away, etc… It doesn’t look good on camera. When you’re nude you can pose the in the way you that shows off your body the best.

-And when you’re alone at home?

-At home I have a golden rule: I need to sleep naked and hang out with minimal clothes on, so that my skin can breathe.

-What music do you like?

-I don’t really have a favorite genre. It depends on my mood. If I need to think about something, or make a plan, classical music is best. If I need to cheer up, I’ll go with something positive: no matter if it’s pop music or something else. And if I drive, it doesn’t matter what music is playing. The radio will get the job done.

-And what radio station do you like to listen? What genre?

-I honestly don’t have any strong musical preferences. I listen to the music that is playing at the moment. I don’t fight with my boyfriend about the music, if he has a preference while we’re on the road. That’s why I don’t have problems with my boyfriend, thank God.

-What was the last song you listened to on your headphones?

-It was an Armenian song, but I don’t know its title. I don’t speak Armenian.

-Can you sing it?

-No, I can’t, because their music is too melodic.

-With whom would you like to have a coffee? You can choose any person in the world.

-With my sister.

-Do you have hobby?


-Which one?

-My job is my hobby. Everything that I’ve learned during my life – it was my hobby. No matter what it is- my profession, my job or some skill that I would like to perfect. My life is my hobby.

-What is taboo in sex for you? Is there anything that you will never do?

-Absolute taboo – it’s a threesome – MMF. I lack the energy for this.

-And what about FFM?

-It’s interesting.) With my job, who knows…

-And if you forget your job and the fact that you’re a model. Is there something that you won’t even try?

-I don’t even know what it would be. I don’t feel shy about discussing our sex life with my boyfriend, and that’s why there is nothing that I will refuse to do at all, outside of the MMF threesome. However, I think it’s possible to something new and forbidden could come along at another stage of my life. You can be ready to something right now, and later you will be ready for something other. That’s why I don’t have many concrete taboos.

-What do you always take when you’re going somewhere?

-My passport)))

-The same thing you take when you’re going to the shoot?


-And besides your passport?

-Warm clothes. No matter it’s summer or winter. It’s a must-have – I’m afraid of cold.

– Do you often feel cold?

-I’m the person who always feels the cold terribly.

-What is your favorite superhero?

-The Devil – is he a superhero?

-I meant the superhero from comics.

-Well, it’s Flash. He’s an interesting character.

-What is your favorite app on your smartphone? The one you use the most?

Instagram, Pinterest and Viber.

-What is your sexual orientation?

-I’m hetero.

-Absolutely hetero?

-Yes. But if my boyfriend wanted to try a FFM – I’m not against it. Though, I can’t say that ‘I’m only attracted to guys’. It’s not true.

-So you’re bisexual?

-No, I’m hetero. But I wouldn’t mind having a little fun with a girl too if my boyfriend was into it.

-What is your favorite drink?

-Water, green tea or even herbal tea. That’s all.

-What was your most instructive event?

-In my job or in life?

-Both of them.

-Friendship always gives very instructive lessons. My job too. Communication with people always gives valuable lessons. Let’s suppose we’re talking about my job – I always learn something new on my shoots. For example I hit it off with one photographer, and everything goes well with no issues. Sometimes there are small incidents. And it means that next time I won’t work with that person, or I will know how to act to make it advantageous for me. If it concerns a friendship… The friendship exists, for sure, but how long and how much are we ready to maintain it? Sometimes our life brings us surprises and we need to meet half-way or compromise. Or we shouldn’t. The same in private relationships: do I want to meet the preferences of my partner, or I not? Do I agree to live without scandals, or do I want to fight? Amy I interested of my partner interests or not? You just need to learn from every relationship, in order to not repeat your mistakes in the future.

-What films have made you cry?

-“Max”, it’s about a dog and a soldier. I cried from the first seconds right through to the end. I’m a very emotional person. An insignificant situation can make me cry. And then it’s so hard to calm down. I would sob violently thinking about Max and the soldier. It was very hard to calm down after that film.

-Have you had more than one sexual partner?

-Yes, two.

-What superpower would you like to have?

-It’s a difficult question. A very difficult question! I think it’s super-intuition, probably, and speed. So that I could always react with lightning speed.

-What was the most unexpected surprise you’ve ever had?

-I have so many thoughts in my head, so that I don’t even know what to say. I don’t know if it’s a surprise, but the best and the most important present for me, no matter who offers it – is a good attitude towards me. Like when someone thinks about how to do something nice for me (my boyfriend is very good at this).

-So, you mean that this is always a big surprise for you?

-Yes, because in general, people are so selfish and cynical. I always want to believe that people are kind. Perhaps I prefer to be a naive and dreamy girl, rather than being selfish. I want to believe that people are kind.

-What is the secret to your beauty?

-I don’t have one. Genetics – that’s my secret, because it has the biggest influence on beauty. There are some models that take care of their looks much more than I do, but… they don’t look very good. I think there should be some charm also. And charisma.

-Maybe you have some lifehack? You’re private little secret?

-I visit a masseur regularly. And water. You need to drink water. And positive thinking – it’s very important.

-What is your attitude towards the masturbation?

-Well, I’m not against it:)

-And how often are you not against it?

-If I’m at a shoot – it’s part of the job after all 🙂

-And if you’re outside a shoot?

-In life? I don’t have any shortage of sex at home. I have a boyfriend, after all.

-So you don’t masturbate at home?

-I never masturbate at home, actually. As I said before, my sex life with my partner is very active.

-And what would you like to try, sexually, that you haven’t tried before?

-Well, with my boyfriend we talk about everything we want to try and try it. We are open for experiments, so at this point I don’t really have an answer.

-What should people hoping to get into the modeling business know?

-I can talk about this for an eternity. When you get into this business, there are so many nuances that you need to be aware so you don’t end up getting ripped off or deceived. The most important thing is to check everything: information, customer, photographer, payment. Don’t just trust that people are going to do what they’re supposed to do or told you they would do. Don’t be afraid to take control of everything.

-Three pieces of advice that you would give to newcomers?

-You need to learn how to use the Internet. It has information on anybody: production, customers, photographers, models etc. It has everything! If you’re entering any business that’s new for you – you need to learn as much about it as you can about it so you’re ready for anything. Because if you’re not prepared it will be awfully difficult to overcome the inevitable problems that come up. For example: the model is abroad and there’s been some sort of surprise that she wasn’t prepared for. She doesn’t want to quit the job and leave the country because she didn’t get paid, etc. And then the real problems start. That’s what I’m talking about. You need to know everything. Don’t leave that stuff up to other people. Do your homework, get interested in everything, ask models, contact your manager, agent etc.

-What will you do right after our interview?

-I will change my clothes)))

-Thanks for your time.

-It was a pleasure to talk with you. Bye-bye!