Sade Mare’s interview. Part 1

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-Hi. How are you?

-I’m great.

– How long have you been in the modeling business?

– Since 2015.

-Do you remember you first photo shoot?

-Yes, I do. It was a very interesting experience. I think it was more like a choreographed nude shoot. Even though I knew it was made for the site, I wasn’t nervous, I think I was worrying much more about my posing.

-Well, did you like it?

-Nope, I didn’t like the shoot, because at that moment I didn’t even imagine how I would look on camera. The first shoot – it’s more like an introduction of the model with the photographer and of the photographer with the model. That’s why I was upset with the result. And after that, I started to think about what I could do to become a little better.

-Did you feel ashamed on your first shoot?


-So, you just showed up and…

-Well, I basically don’t have any uneasiness in my life, so I didn’t come to the shoot to skulk in a corner. On the contrary, this kind of shoot has set me free. So nope, I didn’t feel ashamed.

-And was it your first erotic nude photo shoot?


-Had you done other photo shoots before? Not nude?

-Yes, topless. But it was too soft and delicate. It wasn’t even erotic. Just soft pictures with a naked body.

-What kind of photo shoots do you like the most? Fashion, nude, art or other?

-Well, I like shoots with a plot. When there are interesting characters and beautiful locations made specifically for this shooting. Everything should be well thought-out. I like this kind of photo shoot, but it doesn’t stop me from doing nude photosets.

-Do you like shoots in studios?

-Well, if I didn’t like this niche, I wouldn’t work. Because, no matter what, the work should bring pleasure.

-Tell us what you’re looking for in a man. Give us five main character traits.

-The first one – it’s respect. The second – it’s care. The third – honesty. The fourth – charisma. And the fifth – it’s intellect.

-And have you already met a man with these traits?


-How do you think, does size matter?

-The size of what? Ah-ha 🙂

-Well, let’s say in a general philosophical sense 🙂

-No, the most important thing is what’s inside.

-And what about the size of the thing you thought about at first?

-About the lens? 🙂 That is what I’m talking about. Well, I think that it’s the same in other spheres too. For example, the girl may be tall, but at the same time a mess. Because the beauty is inside. I think we can say the same about everything.

-You mean that size doesn’t matter?

-It doesn’t for me.

-Coffee or tea?


-Cats or dogs?

-Both cats and dogs.

-Do you like animals?

-Yes. Everyone should have a pet.

-Do you have many pets?

-I’ve had many of them before. I’ve decided to go without a pet for now, because of ow often I travel.

-You could get yourself a fish.

-No, I don’t like fish.

-And what domestic pets do you like?

-I plan to get an arctic spitz and a cat. But I’m still thinking about what kind of cat I want.

-What political views do you have?

-I don’t have any. I really don’t like politics, and I’m trying to get rid of it in all spheres of my life. Even during small talk, no matter with whom, when it comes to politics, I try to change the theme.

-You do not support any politician, right?


-And you don’t follow political news?

-I really don’t like when someone thrusts his opinion on me. All views should be based on personal convictions. That’s why politics is a forbidden theme for me.

-What is your favorite position in sex?

-Well, let me think a little)))) Well, my Zodiac sign is Cancer… so it’s “doggystyle”, of course.

(note: In Russian, Zodiac sign Cancer sounds like ‘Rak’ and the doggystyle position sounds ‘rakom’, so these words sound similar)

-What book are you reading now?

-Book? “Three Circles of Leadership”.

-Who is the author?

-I don’t remember the author. I’ve got a bad memory for names.

-What’s the book about?

-It’s about how to train a leader inside you, how to establish good relations with people, no matter who you are – a big boss or an ordinary person, who wants to establish healthy relations with co-workers and friends. The book teaches you to think logically and determine your priorities.

-What was the last film you watched?

-It’s been all TV shows recently.

-And what is your favorite TV series?

-My favorite TV series is “Lucifer”. It’s fiction with legends that is blended with reality, like three in one. The lead character’s way of thinking – Lucifer, the devil – and the relations between the other characters is really interesting. The show is funny, unique, and is done really well.

-And what if you’ve had a chance to star in a TV series, what series would you choose? And what role?

-What series… It’s hard to say. Well, I think that I would like to play the role of a student. It’s the age when it’s difficult to move away from adolescence and get into an adult life. That’s why if you need to reset, you need to inhabit a role. Because there aren’t enough school years for this.

-Do you miss your school?

-No, I don’t miss it. I rarely went to school because I took part in so many concerts. That’s why I never really got to experience the lessons and interactions with my classmates.

-And you want…

-I want to fill in that gap. It’s like I missed out on something you’re supposed to experience.

-Can you describe your modeling career path?

-In the beginning of 2015 I decided to quit my job and I needed to find something that I really enjoyed. I decided that I would devote that year to something that I couldn’t imagine doing. As luck would have it, I met an agent who offered me a nude photo shoot. Just like that I was a model.

-Did you hesitate?

-No. As I’ve said before, it was a period in my life where I forbid myself from saying ‘No’ to new opportunities. I would even say that it was exciting. I knew there were some things I wouldn’t do and what I was ready for. But it was worth giving it a try. Also, I needed to learn how to present myself. I think that it played right into my hands at that moment.

-What do you like in this business?

-I love to get paid to travel. I love that I get to establish business connections on every shoot. I really like that this business fills my head with wild ideas that I know I’ll get to fulfill someday. The ideas are thrilling and the photographers are happy to help achieve them. Now it’s really trendy to make crazy photo shoots with interesting characters, etc. And in this business almost every photographer can help to realize your idea.

-And what you don’t like?

-What I don’t like… Well, I think that in general I don’t have things that I dislike categorically. Because it’s always possible to make a compromise or simply refuse if I don’t find an idea suitable for me. However, sometimes it happens that someone wants to get more than they paid for on a shoot.

-So, you think that the models should always get paid for extra work?

-Not always. If it’s their job and not a model’s private ideas – any job should be rewarded. If the job won’t be rewarded, the model will devalue herself and no one will work with her in the future. Her self esteem goes down, and, of course, when the model comes for a casting, she appears to be so dejected, so shy… Not even shy – she looks like a grey mouse… And you can imagine how a model like that would look on camera. Another thing, when the girl comes and she can demonstrate or present herself, she is beautiful, she knows her own worth and she is self-confident – everybody will want to see her not only on camera, but also nearby.

-What photo shoot was the most unusual?

-Hard to say. Every shoot is unusual in its own way.

-Maybe you were shocked by something?

-No, as far as I remember, I’ve never had such a shoot. Anyway, all shoots should be discussed beforehand, so there really shouldn’t be any surprises for the model or photographer. What could shock me if it has all been discussed beforehand? As I’ve already said, if I haven’t agreed to do something, I always remind the photographer and I say that I won’t do this. And why should I expose my customer to a bad result? So, there should be nothing that can shock.

-What do you think about when you’re posing on camera?

– I’m thinking about positions, emotions and about the result, for sure. I’m always waiting for the result with impatience, because it shows what I was feeling at the time.

-What do you always have with you on your shoots?

-A lot of make-up.

-Your vanity-case is big?

-Yes. Not a trunk… But I take it with my suitcase along with my clothes. It’s definitely big though, because I know what I will need on my shoots and I always think over my make-up before anything else.

And do you have something that you should always have? Something that you shouldn’t forget?

-My passport. I won’t go without it.

-Do you watch porn?

-I do.

-What niche do you like the most?

-Classic and lesbian.

-Where do you watch it?)

-At any site. I choose the video that I like, by its preview picture, for example. No matter what the site is.

-So you can visit any site and google for what you need…

-Yes, and then I choose the video I like by its picture.

-Do you have a favorite model whose work you like a lot?

-What kind of model?

-Let’s say a favorite fashion model.

-No, I don’t.

-How about a favorite porn model?

-For nude shoots, I adore Nancy. I hate blond models in real life, but Nancy looks really great on camera. And Caprice too.

-Who are your favorite male pornstars?

-I don’t any favorites.

-What kind of relationship do you prefer with your guy – comfortable or extreme?

-Extreme? What do you mean?

-Like you’re always fighting and then clearing the air afterwards.

-No, I can’t argue. I’m always quiet and balanced in relationships. I don’t break dishes. So, the Italian type of relationship isn’t for me.

-So, you choose comfortable relationships?


-What was the most unusual place where you’ve had sex?

-Mmm… I need to remember where I’ve had it. Once in a restaurant. I hadn’t closed the door completely… And an old lady opened the door and said: “Ouch!”, closed it and went away. After that, I felt a little uncomfortable, and I was just a little bit ashamed to leave. Never mind! And as for extreme and interesting places – I don’t really have any. But I still remember that moment.

-Did you look into the eyes of the old lady?

-No, I dropped my eyes and walked out.

-So, you don’t even know if she was still in the restaurant?

-Yeah, I didn’t take a good look at the people.