Sometimes some interesting and amazing things happen to us.
We shoot a lot of scenes, however every shooting is unique.
Meetings, names, faces, events - we want to describe and write about this.
Behind the scene, lifestyle, interviews, erotic stories and more…

About us

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Purity Naked – it’s high quality art nude & erotic short movies. In our movies we tell personal nude story for each model. Girls are different. Stories are different.


Sade Mare’s interview – part 2

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-What is your favorite place on Earth?

-One where there’s a view of the sea.

-How about the ocean?

-And the ocean too 🙂

-So, you mean any beach?



Sade Mare’s interview. Part 1

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-Hi. How are you?

-I’m great.

– How long have you been in the modeling business?

– Since 2015.

-Do you remember you first photo shoot?

-Yes, I do. It was a very interesting experience. I think it was more like a choreographed nude shoot. Even though I knew it was made for the site, I wasn’t nervous, I think I was worrying much more about my posing.

-Well, did you like it?

-Nope, I didn’t like the shoot, because at that moment I didn’t even imagine how I would look on camera. The first shoot – it’s more like an introduction of the model with the photographer and of the photographer with the model. That’s why I was upset with the result. And after that, I started to think about what I could do to become a little better.

-Did you feel ashamed on your first shoot?


-So, you just showed up and…

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